Experience the Beauty of Hangzhou: A Photo Journey through West Lake and Faxi Temple

Join Porthos Fu on a Photographic Journey Through the Stunning City of Hangzhou

On January 6th, 2023, Porthos Fu, a member of ISAB, embarked on an unforgettable journey through the beautiful city of Hangzhou. After a delicious lunch with a friend, Porthos visited the Faxi Temple, an iconic landmark known for its rich history and cultural significance. Even though Porthos is an atheism, he was captivated by the strong atmosphere at the temple, where many people come to pray for luck in business or the health of their loved ones.

The following photograph captures a wall at the Faxi Temple that is etched with a historical document detailing the temple's origins and history. According to local belief, touching certain words on the wall, such as "beauty" or "filial piety," will bring one good fortune or virtues. In the photo, a woman can be seen touching the wall.


One of the highlights of Porthos' visit was the chance to see the Faxi Temple's stunning architecture up close. He captured a photograph of the complex structure, as well as a historical document carved into the wall that tells the story of the temple's origins. According to Porthos, people believe that touching certain words on the wall, such as "beauty" or "filial piety," will bring them good fortune.

This photograph showcases the intricate design of the Faxi Temple.


After leaving the Faxi Temple, Porthos and his friend took a bus to the world-famous West Lake. There, they were able to capture some breathtaking shots, including a withered lotus standing against the Broken Bridge, with visitors enjoying the perfect weather in the background. If you walk further and zoom in with your camera, you can even capture a picture like this one!

After visiting the temple, we headed to the renowned West Lake, where we captured this photograph of a withered lotus flower beside the Broken Bridge, surrounded by visitors enjoying the pleasant weather.


If you walk further and focus your lens, you can capture a photograph like this one.


Porthos' journey also took him to the Bai Causeway, where he snapped a photo of the sun setting over the grassy fields. The sunshine from the setting sun gave everyone and everything a long shadow, creating a truly magical atmosphere. As the sun finally set, Porthos captured a shot of it slowly laying down and falling asleep between the mountains.

This photograph was taken on the Bai Causeway, where the setting sun created long shadows for everyone and everything in its path.


The sun has finally set, sinking slowly behind the mountains as if to retire for the night.


As the day came to a close, Porthos captured one final photograph of the withered lotuses waiting for the sunrise from the eastern sky. His expectation for the next day was as strong as theirs.

The withered lotuses in this photograph seem to be waiting expectantly for the sunrise on the horizon, just like we are.


In Porthos' own words, "All four seasons in Hangzhou are beautiful and worthy of a visit." We couldn't agree more and hope you will join us on a future Photographic Journey through this stunning city.